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SCUBAJET brings some of the most popular water sports activities on the next level and gives an extra kick over or under the water. Compared to an electric bike, SCUBAJET is a versatile electric motor that turns any aquatic equipment into fast, comfortable and reliable devices. It’s the multiporpose water jet propulsion system to maximizing the fun and minimizing the effort by turning every exercise into leisure activities.

Water sports are a great way to exercise, but in life it’s all about choices

Most flexible water jet propulsion system

Scubajet, the easy to handle water jet for paddleboarding, canoeing, diving and snorkeling turns almost any existing water sports equipment into powerful electric gear within seconds and makes watersports activites more awesome.

Unique Features

  • 16,5 inch length

  • diameter 3,1 inch

  • 6,6 lbs weigth

  • 6 hours battery life time

  • 2 kW performance

  • up to 10 mph


Plug and play adapter system

Different adapters enable different possibilities

SCUBAJET is ready to use within seconds and without any technical skills by using the extensive adapter system. Take your existing SUP board, dinghy, canoe or dive equipment and easily extend it with SCUBAJET.

It’s fully equipped with adapters like Finbox adapter, dive adapter, dinghy adapter, kayacat adapter and universal adapter for boats / kayak and canoe.

Scubajet in linker Hand

Next generation of watersports

Outstanding elegant design meets high-performance

SCUBAJET stands for high-quality material and aerodynamic design. We provide more than 20 years of experience in the fields of engineering, development and research. Our philosophy was to create a product that meets the high expectations of every water sports fan when it comes to sleek design and quality. After  two years of developing SCUBAJET we guarantee this approach will be met at the fullest.

Automatic shut-off

to prevent runaway if you fall in the water

Emission free

to save the environment

Different motor modes

choose whatever you need

Wireless remote control

no cable needed

Saltwater resistant

IP68 proofed

Removable battery

easy to swap*

*allowed on airplanes

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