SCUBAJET announces a new Performance Series and unveils revolutionary Hybridboard

By SCUBAJET | Jan, 31 2023

SCUBAJET announces a new Performance Series and unveils revolutionary Hybridboard

Jan, 31 2023

The SCUBAJET Hybridboard combines E-Foil and E-Surf in one Board.

SCUBAJET launches the Hybridboard as its first Performance Series product. The revolutionary board combines e-Foil and e-Surf in the ultimate combo. With the Portable Series, we brought out Earth’s most versatile, modular, and powerful water jet system for diving, snorkeling, swimming, stand-up paddling, and kayaking. The Performance Series is also versatile, modular, and inspired by the successful Portable Series.

Based on the original technology created by us, we developed the new Performance Series over the past two and a half years. The Performance Series is eight times more powerful. A lot of know-how was put into the battery technology, the hybrid design shape of the board, and the interchangeable jet nozzle that can be swapped according to its intended use.

SCUBAJET Performance Hybridboard

The Hybridboard can be transformed from an E-Foil into an E-Surf in seconds with its unique Quick Release System (QRS). No tools and screws needed. SCUBAJET expects to deliver the first batch of the Hybridboard between May and June.

One board. Two passions.

174 cm long, 63 cm wide, and weighing 11.5 kg without the batteries, the 104L carbon fiber (CFK) Hybridboard is pure technology. As an e-foil, it is a state-of-the-art board with a 75 cm long mast and a high aspect Wing that enables an exceptional flight over the water. The Hybridboard is also a cutting-edge E-Surf board that lets you feel the grip on the water as your feet carve their way on a ride of speed and adrenaline.

Choosing between an e-foil and an e-surf board is a thing of the past. “E-foiling and e-surfing are two different passions of mine, and I don’t want to miss out on either. The Hybridboard solves exactly this problem,” SCUBAJET CEO Armin Kundigraber says. “We poured our heart and soul into every detail of the Performance Series design, development, and production. Innovation, usability, and purpose have been paramount to us from the start,” he adds.

“Setting up, dismantling, or stowing away the Hybridboard is extremely easy with our exclusive and brand-new Quick Release System.”

Woman e-surfing on the SCUBAJET Performance E-Surf Board

Efficiency at its best.

The SCUBAJET High Aspect Wings generate minimum water resistance, which, combined with the SCUBAJET propulsion technology, substantially increase the gliding phase. “We calculated the water resistance each component created relative to its speed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our most ambitious goal was to develop a highly efficient hydrodynamic wing that decreases drag to the maximum,” Kundigraber says. “In addition to that, we developed the SCUBAJET Zero Drag function to compensate for increased water resistance while e-foiling.” Zero Drag eliminates water resistance by adjusting power dynamically during the gliding phase, so you never lose momentum.

Man e-foiling on the SCUBAJET Performance Series Hybridboard

To maximize the fun time on the water, the highly efficient 21700 batteries can be expanded from 1.7kWh to 3.4kWh with an additional module, depending on the application or desired runtime. Two batteries deliver up to three hours of runtime for e-foiling and 40 minutes for e-surfing. That is the most extended runtime for an E-Foil in the industry. The Hybridboard reaches a maximum speed of 50 km/h while e-foiling and 45 km/h while e-surfing.

Apple Watch. Ergonomics. Elegance.

SCUBAJET’s Hybridboard is the first waterjet system compatible with the Apple Watch. Choose the SCUBAJET Remote or the Apple Watch Ultra to use as your Dashboard. The trigger comes with integrated cruise control. It fixes the speed, and one hardly notices the ergonomic trigger in the hand. It feels like a hands-free ride.

Woman e-surfing on the SCUBAJET Performance E-Surf Board

Developing innovative products that set new benchmarks is part of our DNA. The new product launch proves that the Performance Series is again pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. Creating an unprecedented board with a sleek design that meets both the needs of e-foiling and e-surfing, powered by the most advanced water jet technology, is no small task. For us, that is a challenge completed.

The Hybridboard made its live premiere during the water sports show boot Dusseldorf, Germany, and it can now be ordered in our online shop:

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