SCUBAJET’s Beginner’s Guide to Stand-Up Paddleboarding

By Rodrigo Camacho | Dec, 07 2022

SCUBAJET’s Beginner’s Guide to Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Dec, 07 2022

Stand-up paddleboarding is sublime. It’s a safe, low-impact sport that improves your balance while strengthening your core and reinvigorating your stamina. Paddleboarding outdoors on the water is a meditative experience that will caress your soul with an elevated sense of oneness derived from being in the moment and connecting with that unique slice of the world surrounding you.
The simplest way to get started with paddleboarding is to find a free clinic, easily found at most water destinations, that will provide you with an adequate beginner’s board and cover all the fundamentals. But don’t panic if you don’t have access to such a place because you can easily get started paddleboarding on your own.

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Size of the Board matters

Assuming that you have access to a calm body of water and yearn to glide upon its surface, getting your hands on an adequate paddleboard is the first step. Whether you borrow, rent, or buy, keep in mind that the size of the board matters. The wider the board, the easier it will be to find your balance. Think of it this way: standing on a wooden beam floating on water would be more difficult than standing on a raft.

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Respecting Nature while Stand up paddling

While stand-up paddleboarding is relatively safe, you’ll practice it in nature, which needs to be respected. Conditions will not always be suitable. Paddleboarding should be a blast from day one, and the last thing you need as a beginner is to fight the elements. Try to choose calm days with little to no wind, paying particular attention to the wind direction and making sure to always begin by paddling against it because you have the most energy at the start. You will then have the wind on your back, gently pushing you back to where you started.

Falling in the water is an integral and fun part of learning how to paddleboard, but it’s essential to spot the key hazards like shallow waters, reefs, rocks, etc., so you can avoid them. It’s always a great idea to practice paddleboarding with a buddy or in the proximity of lifeguards.

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Kneel before you stand up

Or as we say to kids: Crawl, before you walk,

Balance is to stand-up paddleboarding what bubbles are to champagne: you can’t have one without the other. The first balancing act you must master is paddling on your knees— you don’t want to try to stand up yet. The easiest way to achieve it is to position yourself in the most stable area of the board, which, for most boards, is where the handle is. The handle is placed so the board remains perfectly balanced as you carry it one-handed. On the water, if your weight is placed along that line, the board will push evenly against the water from nose to tail. When you place your weight forward, the nose will sink. Place your weight backward, and the tail will drop. Either way, your board will be angled forward or back. The second element of stability is a wide stance: the closer your knees are to each other, the more difficult it will be for you to stay balanced. But we’re not talking splits here; widen your stance enough to have a strong and balanced position. Simple physics. Remember to reach forward and make long, confident strides while paddling, as it will create greater stability and momentum. Always attach the leash to your ankle before you get on the board. Enjoy the glide.

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Stand Up Tall, Stand Up Proud

Learning to paddleboard on your knees is an effective way to enjoy the sport immediately, but eventually it will be time to capitalize on the full experience and stand up. Your goal is to end up with your feet exactly where your knees have been so far (or slightly wider than that). Again, the wider your stance, the more stable you’ll be.

Like a bicycle, a paddleboard is most stable when in motion. Before attempting to stand up, first get the board moving by paddleboarding on your knees. Once you create enough forward momentum, place your hands on the board below your shoulders for stability and stand up by placing one foot at a time where your knees just were. Transition smoothly— not too fast, not too slow. Keep your gaze focused as you stand up. In paddleboarding, you’ll go where you look. You’ll go down if you look down, so always look forward as you stand up. Find a point on the horizon to focus your gaze if you need help learning to stand up. Then stand up tall and stand up proud with your chest out. Get your paddle back in the water quickly to use it as an anchor for stability and start paddling again as soon as possible to keep the forward momentum going. Remember to make long, confident strides while paddling. Keep looking and moving ahead.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding the SCUBAJET Way

Imagine leaving the crowds behind to reach quiet waters undisturbed by those who can’t reach them. Envision a small, light, powerful jet that you can attach to any paddleboard to transform it into the smoothest ride ever. You can stop imagining now. SCUBAJET is all that and much more.

Stand-up paddleboarding might be about exploring, taking a journey alone or with others, or it could be about learning something new while uniquely connecting with nature. Whatever your reasons, as a beginner paddleboarder, your most significant technical challenge is to keep your forward momentum while mastering the skills of getting up. The beauty of SCUBAJET is that it can keep your board moving forward slowly and constantly so that you can focus on learning how to stand up, thereby expediting your learning process.

Your biggest safety challenge is to only go as far as you should. If you go too far on a paddleboard, you might suddenly realize how far you need to paddle on the return. If the way back is against the current or the wind, you might have a problem. SCUBAJET power assistance gives you the confidence you can get back no matter what.

SCUBAJET is for beginners and advanced paddleboarders alike. It will accompany you wherever you want to go. You can let it take you there on its own, assist you as little or as much as you desire, or leave it off and paddle hard and far, knowing that you can always rely on it. Your SCUBAJET, your choice!


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