SCUBAJET & 4Ocean: A dynamic partnership for cleaner oceans

By Barbara Jovetic | Nov, 14 2023
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SCUBAJET & 4Ocean: A dynamic partnership for cleaner oceans

Nov, 14 2023

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, a beacon of hope emerges as 4Ocean and SCUBAJET join forces to amplify their impact on ocean conservation. These two eco-conscious entities are not just businesses - they are passionate, young teams, driven by a shared commitment to combat plastic pollution. To truly appreciate this collaboration, let's delve into the history of 4 Ocean and its founder Alex Schulze.

Founded in 2017 in Boca Raton, Florida, 4Ocean‘s roots trace back to a pivotal moment in Bali, Indonesia. Alex and a friend, on a trip to this picturesque surfing destination, were confronted with the harsh reality of plastic pollution. The beaches were marred with plastic waste, and they witnessed fishermen pushing their boats through mounds of plastic to reach open waters. Learning that plastic waste accumulated on the province’s coastlines due to ocean currents, the two surfers felt compelled to take action. This moment ignited their determination to conceptualize widespread cleanup operations. In response to the environmental crisis, the duo crafted an ingenious business model that not only addressed the issue head-on but also engaged communities in the cleanup process. They envisioned a platform where, initially, volunteers could access the necessary supplies and resources to retract and dispose of waste found in the water and along coastlines. This visionary approach laid the foundation for 4Ocean’s mission-driven business model. As 4Ocean evolved, they took a significant step by directly employing their captains and crews, providing fair living wages, and extending 100% health insurance coverage to their dedicated team members.

SCUBAJET: Propelling sustainable solutions

In this dynamic partnership, SCUBAJET brings its expertise in sustainable water propulsion to the forefront. As a company focused on creating eco-friendly jet propulsion systems for divers, SUPers, surfers, and kayakers, SCUBAJET seamlessly aligns with 4Ocean’s commitment to ocean conservation. This collaboration signifies a step forward in the journey towards more sustainable and responsible practices in water-based activities. Utilizing SCUBAJET’s underwater propulsion technology allows the 4Ocean team to enhance their ocean cleanup efforts.

Notably, after launching their first waterjet in 2016, SCUBAJET made a conscious decision to reduce plastic usage for their subsequent jet generations. Driven by the CEO’s dream and passion for sustainability, they developed the SCUBAJET 2.0 gear, featuring a high-quality aluminum housing and significantly reduced plastic material to an absolute minimum. The team parallelly also revamped their entire packaging material, transitioning from former plastic to eco-friendly carton and paper only.

Alex Schulze, the Founder of 4Ocean, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, “It’s partnerships like this that make pulling pounds easier, and we are absolutely stoked to partner with the SCUBAJET Team. Their products are awesome!”. The collaboration between 4Ocean and SCUBAJET exemplifies the power of synergy in addressing urgent environmental issues.

4Ocean’s impactful journey

Since its inception, 4Ocean has made significant strides in its mission to combat plastic pollution. The company boasts an impressive track record, claiming to have removed over 30 million pounds of waste from various oceans and coastlines as of 2022. This substantial achievement speaks to the effectiveness of their cleanup operations and the dedication of the growing 4Ocean community.

Speaking on behalf of SCUBAJET, CEO Armin Kundigraber, who is also a passionate surfer and founder, shares his profound appreciation for 4Ocean’s impactful work. “I am a big fan of 4Ocean and highly appreciate their dedication. When Alex knocked at the SCUBAJET door, there was no hesitation in supporting them with our PRO XR waterjets. We are genuinely thrilled to contribute to the very important daily work of the 4Ocean crew.”

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