Kayak Fishing the SCUBAJET Way

By Rodrigo Camacho | Aug, 26 2021

Kayak Fishing the SCUBAJET Way

Aug, 26 2021

If I had to describe kayak fishing in one word, I would say “serenity” — but not in the same way Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza used the word to calm down his anger.
For those unfamiliar with the reference, the catchphrase is from an episode called “The Serenity Now,” which first aired in 1997. In this episode, George Costanza’s father, Frank Costanza, played by the legendary Jerry Stiller, tries to calm himself down by yelling “Serenity now!” every time his anger rises. “Doctor gave me a relaxation cassette,” he explains. “When my blood pressure gets too high, the man on the tape tells me to say, ‘Serenity now!’” Anyone who has watched the episode knows that, with this particular strategy, “serenity now” invariably meant “insanity later.” Fortunately, for paddling anglers, there is no need to yell this word at the top of their lungs. Serenity eagerly awaits anyone drifting on a kayak at the crack of dawn through silky waters that haven’t finished releasing the steam of the morning just as nocturnal wildlife retreats and diurnal wildlife awakes. I can’t imagine anything more serene.

Kayak fishing with motor power

It is easy to understand that the popularity of kayak fishing has been growing for years and continues to grow. It is an affordable and accessible sport. A kayak allows anglers to reach spots motorboats could never reach, and compared to a bigger boat, riding in a kayak is a whole new experience in terms of recreation, a peaceful journey, and enjoyment. To partake of the serenity of this way of fishing, anglers have to overcome a certain set of challenges. First, kayaks are small. They must be, but storage space and meticulous organization are of the utmost importance. Second, most kayaks are propelled by manpower through paddling or pedaling. While kayaks are not designed for high speeds, reaching a spot fast—before the fish get away—is necessary on occasions. Those who paddle often need to juggle their fishing equipment simultaneously, fumbling things from time to time and losing their catch. Those who pedal have their hands free, but pedals can take up a lot of space in an already limited area, and the their position, even if handsfree, limits the angler’s mobility. Kayak fishing also requires taking safety precautions seriously. The good news is that, as the practice has grown, fatalities have declined, showing that anglers are approaching the sport responsibly.

As the sport has developed, manufacturers have responded by upping their offers as well. There are now a wide variety of boats designed specifically for kayak fishing, providing elevated seating, rod holders, storage space, and even a retractable pedal or motorized propeller. A kayaker can also buy a kayak with fish finders and GPS.

While there are some good motorized fishing kayaks out there, I believe propelling your fishing kayak with a SCUBAJET presents its own set of advantages. At the top of my list is marine life safety. Almost every motorized kayak has a propeller, but since there is no propeller in a SCUBAJET, no curious creature can be harmed by it. Respect for marine life is not only one of the company’s brand values but also is a personal priority of mine. I live by the ocean, and my connection with it is so deep that I could not imagine a life away from it. No propeller also means the motor cannot get tangled. Regular motors tend to use large batteries (sometimes even car batteries), which are not waterproof, and their bulkiness takes up valuable space aboard the kayak. Cables can be an aggravation as well. SCUBAJET has no cables, nothing to connect, and no heavy battery. It takes no kayak space away, and the remote control couldn’t be easier to handle. And it is a known fact that any light underwater will attract fish, so having a water jet with an integrated light is a bonus. The size of such a compact and streamlined system comes in handy when accessing tight, shallow spots that a propeller needing more water depth to function could not reach. Plus, it is extremely simple to install. You only need to mount it with the retractable adapter, and you are set.

Aside from feeding themselves and their loved ones with healthy, unfarmed fished protein, the main objective of most kayak anglers, at least the ones I know, is to enjoy the moment. Sliding through the water quietly while connecting with the surroundings in solitude or with others is a major advantage of fishing from a kayak. SCUBAJET is quiet, smooth, and stealthy. It is also so versatile that you will be able to use it in many different aquatic activities. For inspiration, all you need to do is browse through our content.

One thing is for certain: If you love fishing and already have a kayak and a SCUBAJET, you are golden.

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