Life is better on a SUP

By Rosa Damiano | Oct, 04 2022

Life is better on a SUP

Oct, 04 2022

Spring and Fall are coming together: some of you will be putting away swimsuits, and others will be counting down the days to start the vacations. What keeps up together is the love for water sports!
Many people tend to link water sports with summer, but we all know that the feelings we have in close contact with the water are not limited to only a few months in the year. What is that activity you just can’t give up and is the perfect fall outdoor activity on the water?  For us is standup paddleboarding.

When fun is only a few step away from home

How many vacations do we book miles away from our home? Who says that for having a good vacation to need to take a plane? We, at SCUBAJET, are fortunate that the beautiful lake Wörthersee, our happy place, is only a few minutes away from our Headquarters. Most of our content is shot with that background. According to Wikipedia, standup paddleboarding (SUP) has been around for thousands of years, but modern SUP dates to the mid-1900s in Hawaii. So the sport is not new. What it’s new is the possibility of using power assistance to take it up a notch. With its innovative technology, compact design, and low weight we at SCUBAJET are setting new standards in the water sports industry.

Paddling with SCUBAJET and more

The purpose of SCUBAJET is to help people go beyond their limits. Beginners might need support in finding balance and going far away while Stand-up paddling experts can use the full power of the electric engine. And what happens when you might suddenly realize you still have to get back? And, if the way back is against the current or the wind (or both), you might be in a pickle. SCUBAJET comes to the rescue you. SCUBAJET is known for being the World’s smallest & most versatile water jet system on the market. Smallest, because you can even travel with it, and versatile because with only one device you can play in the water in different ways: SUP, kayak, canoe, but also dive, snorkeling, swimming, and more.

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