Keeping the summer fun alive all year for your kids

By Rodrigo Camacho | Oct, 25 2023

Keeping the summer fun alive all year for your kids

Oct, 25 2023

When the summer comes to an end, it leaves behind a treasure trove of memories. For many families, the essence of summer is the limitless adventures – the days spent splashing in the water, diving beneath the waves, and exploring the mysteries of the underwater world. While the seasons change, the longing for these aquatic escapades remains. Enter SCUBAJET NEO, an innovative solution designed to keep the spirit of summer alive, offering boundless aquatic fun all year round.

For parents, the onset of fall often brings a touch of nostalgia. It’s a time to look back fondly at those sun-soaked days when laughter echoed, water brought fun, and every moment seemed like a new adventure. But, even as the leaves turn golden and the temperatures drop, you can still have a piece of that pie of fun. The SCUBAJET NEO makes this possible. Designed with precision and ingenuity, this light-weight and compact underwater scooter is not just another recreational device. It’s a passport to a world where summer never ends. Whether your little explorer yearns to dive into the mysteries of the sea, make a splash in the pool, or is already a budding scuba enthusiast, the SCUBAJET NEO is here to make their aquatic dreams come true! Watch the joy in your child’s eyes as they embark on thrilling underwater quests, imagining themselves as playful dolphins or curious explorers uncovering sunken treasures. At the core of this fantastic experience is the SCUBAJET NEO’s state-of-the-art 500W jet engine, activated seamlessly with a user-friendly Dual Hand Controller. Its intuitive design ensures even the young ones can navigate with ease.  

Beyond the thrill it offers, the NEO’s SMART BATTERY ensures the fun doesn’t run out quickly. With up to one hour of continuous underwater exploration*, your child’s adventures can be as endless as their imagination. And for families with a penchant for travel, the SCUBAJET NEO’s fully airline-compliant 100Wh capacity makes it a faithful companion on global adventures. Its compact design effortlessly fits into carry-on luggage, meaning your family’s favorite underwater scooter can dive into oceans, seas, or pools anywhere in the world. 

*depending on the chosen speed level 

SCUBAJET NEO has got you covered

Every parent’s primary concern is their child’s safety, and the SCUBAJET NEO rises to the challenge. With its propeller-free design, the risks associated with traditional dive scooters are eliminated. Moreover, its robust precision aluminum housing, molded from the finest aircraft-grade alloys, speaks volumes about its durability and resilience. As your child delves deep into imaginative aquatic stories, you can relax, assured of their safety. Environmental responsibility is another cornerstone of SCUBAJET’s design philosophy. Its electric motor is not only emission-free but also ensures that the aquatic environments your child cherishes remain pristine and unpolluted. What’s more, a safety leash that attaches the SCUBAJET NEO to your child’s arm ensures that the waterjet won’t be lost in the water. 

The essence of childhood is wonder and exploration. As parents, the greatest gift you can offer is experiences that enrich this magical phase of life. With the SCUBAJET NEO, you’re presenting more than just a device; you’re unlocking a world of possibilities, ensuring every day can have a hint of summer’s joy. 

NEO’s product specifications:

  • Motor Unit power: 500W (upgradable to 1,000W) 
  • Speed underwater: up to 4.92ft/s | 1.5m/s 
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion 
  • Battery capacity: 100Wh 
  • Battery run time: 30 minutes (cruising speed 25%) 
  • with “Double Your Power™ NEO to PRO Upgrade Kit” upgradable to SCUBAJET PRO with 1,000W and 200Wh 
  • Depth rating: 200ft | 60m  
  • Optional LED light (Beam™): 1,500 Lumen at 6,000 Kelvin with a 120 degree angle 

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