The Safety of E-Power

By Rodrigo Camacho | Feb, 09 2023

The Safety of E-Power

Feb, 09 2023

Stand-up paddling (SUP) is the only sport that makes you feel like you’re walking on water. It’s the equivalent of going for a stroll in the forest, except that your core muscles get a serious workout while you float over an underwater world so full of life and vast that more than eighty percent is yet to be explored by humans. As wonderful as it is, stand-up paddling has its risks, like every other sport. The good news is that you can mitigate most of those risks, and a SCUBAJET can make stand-up paddling a very safe activity.

Credits: Matt Zhou, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

E-power is safe power.

Imagine you’re on the water paddling on your board. You’re just warming up, and the sun is shining. The mist of the ocean breeze feels invigorating as it gently lands on your face before sliding off. The wind blows slowly against you, but you feel energized and ready for a good workout. It’s go-time. As you increase the intensity, you start to feel that today’s workout will be great. The calm waters slide faster and faster below you while your muscles continue to propel you forward. Your shins start to feel it. Your core is up to the challenge. You keep going for miles. After an hour or so, your strength starts to decline. It’s time to get back. Except that the weather has changed rapidly, as often happens on the coast. The headwind against which you began paddling turned into a tailwind, allowing you to paddle farther than you had planned. You realize your point of return has shifted back and you are way past it by now. Paddling the distance against this wind would already challenge your fresh muscles. For your tired muscles, it’s impossible. But you smile instead of panicking as you press the button on the controller attached to your paddle to turn on your SCUBAJET and let the e-power take you back to safety.

As stand-up paddling continues to increase in popularity, the number of rescues of stranded paddleboarders also continues to increase. The unpredictability of coastal weather conditions and a lack of planning are driving forces behind most of these incidents. It needn’t be like that. Good planning and adequate tools can make stand-up paddling an extremely safe sport. SUP can simultaneously be about pushing your limits and leaving your loved ones with the peace of mind that you will be safe. Independently of your approach, it is always great to go out and get going. Power assistance gives you the confidence you can get back no matter what.

Credits: Ishan @seefromthesky, Gulhi, North Central Province, Maldives

Safe family fun.

Kids love water and fun, so stand-up paddleboarding is a fantastic way to spend time with the family if your kids know how to swim. Depending on their age and personality, you can take your kids for a ride on your board or have them try the sport using their board. Either way, powering your SUP with your SCUBAJET can make the experience much easier, safer, and way more fun.

If your kids are young, a great way to start is to have them sit on your board while you paddle on your knees. A gentle ride with you will give them great joy and plenty of confidence on the board. The beauty of SCUBAJET is that it can keep the board moving forward slowly and constantly, removing the jerky feeling that might frighten your little ones. It also gives you the confidence to control the ride from beginning to end. If your kids are older and skilled enough to paddle on their board, a SCUBAJET will help them focus on learning how to paddle on their knees and later how to stand up by keeping their speed between paddles constant and without slowing down.

E-power has come to transform the inclusivity of group paddleboarding the same way it has transformed other sports. For the first time, you and your family can go on a journey or work out together independently of each member’s skill level and experience. As you take that metaphorical stroll over the waters, you can be equipped with the most unique and diverse water jet system on Earth. SCUBAJET will be there to keep you safe and to give you the confidence that you can always count on it to get back home.

Credits: Ben White, Boy paddleboarding

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