The Call of the Mild

By Rodrigo Camacho | Aug, 25 2021

The Call of the Mild

Aug, 25 2021

With our eyes closed, we can almost smell the ocean. We can even feel the freshness of the ocean breeze on our faces. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, and the time to meet our colossal friend again is forthcoming.

Traveling again will be partly an old experience, partly a new one, even for the most seasoned travelers among us. For an ocean lover, traveling is much more than an escape. For those of us who love the water in its rawest state, traveling means visiting our home, and we will do it even if the road ahead presents a set of challenges. Maybe proximity to other people will feel less comfortable at first. Our personal sanitary protocols might have altered what we expect from those who provide transportation, accommodation, and food services to us. As governments begin to ease restrictions and carriers proceed to expand routes, travelers must take additional steps and must provide additional documentation. But the reward is the ocean. And the ocean will be as magnificent as it has always been.

In just over a year, the world has changed very quickly. Many of the changes taking place are for the good. Travelers are looking for more responsible and more sustainable ways to travel. People want to connect with nature deeper than before, and they want to care of the planet better than we have thus far. And it isn’t just travelers. ZuBlu, for example, has introduced a portfolio of sustainable scuba programs from Costa Rica to Mozambique. The Australian government has recently created two new marine protected areas that cover an area bigger than the Great Barrier Reef. For your next adventure, you might also have a choice to buy or rent a SUP board from brands that have decided to adopt sustainable practices.

At SCUBAJET we’re thrilled to see these innovations. Sustainability has been at the forefront of our approach from day one, and we too are revamping our efforts to create meaningful partnerships with conservation organizations. SCUBAJET is and will always be a responsible and sustainable tool to connect with the ocean. It runs through our veins.

Our return to the water is just around the corner. We began to see it on the colorful flowers peeking out from bushes and on the bright green leaves sprouting on tree branches just as the pandemic began to subside. Now, the spring is giving way to the the summer in the northern hemisphere. The sun is beginning to shine in the north, and the waters are beginning to warm up in the south. All of us at SCUBAJET look forward to getting back to the ocean. Some of us see ourselves looking at the sea from above as we glide over the blue waters on our SUP boards, kayaks, or canoes. We already see how our SCUBAJET propels us fast enough to leave other paddlers behind.

As we reach quiet spots with waters and marine life undisturbed by those who can’t reach them, we turn our SCUBAJET off. It’s time to paddle with pure technique and muscle as far as we want to go. We can push our limits because SCUBAJET is there to bring us back, even if the winds pick up. Those of us who are snorkelers, divers, and free divers envision returning to the waters a little bit differently. We crave immersion, the vertical route. Some prefer to quickly go down and up, while others could stay down there for hours. We can see ourselves reaching coral reefs unavailable to the regular snorkeler. We experienced divers visualize reaching sites that we couldn’t reach before SCUBAJET found us. Our lives and our relationship with the ocean have never been the same since then. There are also the fun relaxers among our ranks, the ones who want to go in the water and play like seals. With SCUBAJET, we can have a blast alone or with our family and friends.

As different as our interests are, however, we all have one thing in common: We love the water. We can’t wait to get back to it because, just like you, we’re ready to rediscover the treasures of the ocean while marine life is still highly active and enjoy the peaceful existence recently granted to it by nature. Completely airplane legal, SCUBAJET will travel with us to enhance our water adventure, no matter how we get to that remote island, that hidden beach, or that long-unvisited beach house.

As you answer the call of the wild ocean, you too can be equipped with the most unique and diverse water jet system on Earth. SCUBAJET will be there to help you reach spots others can’t reach. It will be there to give you the peace of mind that, no matter how far you go, how deep you dive, or how strong the wind blows, it always has your back.
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