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Thank you so much for choosing SCUBAJET. Our goal is to make water sports activities more awesome. Scubajet is the most versatile and easy to handle water jet for paddleboarding, canoeing, diving, snorkeling and swimming, and it turns almost any existing water sports equipment into a powerful electric jet-assisted product within seconds.

Our products are made to the highest specifications when it comes to technology and design, featuring cutting-edge engines, innovational battery systems, and exceptional water jet technology. Every SCUBAJET has been tested extensively before leaving our headquarter. We want to make sure you stay safe while using your SCUBAJET, so we created this manual with a lot of care. Now it’s up to you, to read it carefully, so you may use your SCUBAJET properly and enjoy it for a long time. We wish you a lot of fun with your SCUBAJET products.

VERSION 2 (Shipping since Mid February 2019)

Download SCUBAJET User Manual

Download SCUBAJET Quickstart

VERSION 1 (Shipping until Mid. February 2019)

Download SCUBAJET User manual

Download SCUBAJET Quickstart

Please find more help in the support area of our website: www.scubajet.com/support