3 products that match the SCUBAJET

We are always very excited, if we see new and amazing products on the market that are as innovative as the SCUBAJET. So starting now, we’d like to introduce you to the hottest gadgets of the month regularly. Let’s start with three of them that are not only funny to use, but also super practical, because Scubajet is not the only gear that makes your water sporting life easier. We give you three examples for innovative gadgets, which support your lifestyle and especially facilitate your entering the waters.

MYCANOE Origami Folding Canoe

As a canoeist you probably know how hard it is to take your sports equipment with you when you want to travel. It takes a lot of time and effort to fix your canoe onto your car and traveling with other vehicles is almost impossible. Not with the MYCANOE: Within 10 to 15 minutes you can simply fold it like a piece of origami and afterwards it has the size and weight of a suitcase, which can be carried easily and checked in as normal luggage when traveling by plane. The canoe consists of a light-weight, yet strong material and can be folded up to 20,000 times. Accessories like a special stabilizer for fishing are available too. If you’d like to get yours, check out their Kickstartercampaign.

my canoe on the beach


Have you ever wished, that donning your fins was as easy as clipping on your skis? Well, good news: your wish has finally come true! Finclip is a kind of binding, that can easily be clipped on popular models of adjustable fins. Once the Finclip is installed, you are able to don your fins without using your hands or bending down. It’s even more comfortable than putting on shoes. The ergonomic heelpiece prevents rubbing during your swimming and diving sessions and you can simply move it forward in order to save space when packing your equipment up. These guys are also almost funded on Kickstarter by more than 500 backers. So time to be an early backer and support them too.

Finclip on three fins which differ in colors. There s a yellow one. The others are black


Normal snorkeling gear makes it difficult to go long distances and high speed due to pendulum breathing, that means small amounts of CO2 are constantly inhaled when using a snorkel.

The Powerbreather by AMEO is different. It contains a special valve membrane, that eliminates the effect of pendulum breathing as well as water penetration, providing you with nothing but fresh air during your snorkeling or swimming activities. In addition, the special design allows you a clear all around vision. With the Powerbreather you are able to go longer distances and at higher speeds, which makes it the perfect snorkel to use with your Scubajet.


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