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The new flagship product, the SCUBAJET PRO, is on its way!

Over the past few months, we have continued to evolve, discover, and refine the SCUBAJET to materialize a product that is new to the market and meets your expectations to the fullest. Now it’s time to share major news with you.

We are excited to announce that we are about to unveil a brand new product called SCUBAJET PRO. With all we have learned from the SCUBAJET ONE, we have found many improvements not only for higher user value, but also have engineered this next version to allow much quicker manufacturing and assembly. The SCUBAJET PRO will offer huge reliability, even more efficiency, new adapter handling, deeper depth rating and more options on how to use it, along with a brand new display for the dual dive controller to make important information, such as power consumption, depth and battery runtime viewable directly on the engine.

What’s new? The SCUBAJT PRO features in a nutshell

The new SCUBAJET PRO is 30% more efficient and is equipped with the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries. Thus the SJ PRO 200 offers pure fun and action on the water up to 2 hours, the SJ PRO 400 even up to 4 hours. With the new jet system completely made of aluminium, higher quality is achieved and the diving depth is extended by 50% to a total of up to 60 meters (196 feet). There are more adapters available as well: The newly developed Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand is provided with a 2.4” LED display that shows information like diving depth, remaining battery runtime, power rating and water temperature.

The SCUBAJET Smart Connect interface (SSC) enables a multitude of new possible applications like the now available display on the Dive Controller PRO. This newly developed and patent-registered energy and communication interface is connectable with various accessories and incomparable in its handling. It connects the powerful underwater jet wirelessly with its accessories. In addition to features like GPS and the new display, the communication stability has been optimized further for the water sports area. The new interface works without electric contacts, is fully protected against corrosion and therefore maintenance-free.

It was a strategically important step for us to process all the collected user feedback of the last few years and as a consequence push the development of the product further. Our goal is to stay ahead of our time and produce an underwater scooter that sets new standards and remains a unique solution on the market. We already managed to do so with the first version of the SCUBAJET. In order to remain in and even strengthen our pioneer position, we pursue innovative and challenging approaches. Therefor we are proud to be able to present the SCUBAJET PRO after a long conception and development phase and thus set new standards.

The major improvements of the SJ PRO are: 

  • Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand

  • Dive Controller PRO Single Hand

  • Remote Controller

  • Dive depth enhanced from 40 to 60 meters

  • 2.4” Display with battery lifetime, dive depth, temperature, LED Indicator, function status

  • Stepless speed control

  • Precise aluminium housing

  • Integrated mesh to prevent from pollution

  • No tools are needed for impeller changing

The SJ PRO Packages and ongoing development

The whole new Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand impresses with its two-handed operational concept. The SCUBAJET PRO becomes intuitively operable and fully adjustable while the information shown on the visible display provides more safety and convenience during the dive.

The SCUBAJET PRO Dive package and SCUBAJET PRO SUP Package are now available with up to 30% off until the end of October in our online shop. Until the end of 2019 more controllers and packages will be launched. More innovations like the jetpack and new adapters for foils, kayaks and canoes are soon to be released. What is more, at the moment the team is working on a mobile app which will facilitate software updates.