Motorize your SUP board the electric way

Stand up paddling has been the trending water sports in the last few years. It’s definitely one of the coolest ways to move on water. SUP improves your balance, strengthens your core and also rewards you with a beautiful vista on a lake, a river or the sea.

If you’re in for a little more action on your SUP board, our SCUBAJET is the right choice for you. Our finbox adapters are compatible with many different types of SUP boards.

Easy handling that gives you a head start

Mounting your SCUBAJET to your finbox takes you just a few seconds. For easy handling on your SUP, we provide you with a wireless remote control, a remote and repeater. You are able to easily clip the repeater onto your board (not more than 15 cm / 5 inch. away from the SCUBAJET) and the remote onto your paddle or or on a lanyard around your neck.

Our adapter system is a most versatile plug and play solution. You are able to use your SCUBAJET for a SUP board as well as a small boat or an underwater dive tour. Hence, it’s more than just an electric SUP. All you need is the right adapter and a few seconds of your time, in order to mount the SCUBAJET on the water sporting device of your choice.

SCUBAJET SUP Package for travelers and explorers

Our stand up paddling package consists of a SCUBAJET, remote, repeate,  finbox adapter and one battery of your choice. Depending on your preferences, you might want to go with the 200 wh battery for easy and light traveling, or with the 400 wh battery with a longer lifetime. It’s up to you how to use it.

Maximum power and action while stand up paddling

The SCUBAJET comes either with a 200 wh battery or can be upgraded to the 400 wh battery for longer paddle boarding fun. The Smart Power technology provides up to 3 hours of battery lifetime.

400 wh internal battery


Output: 1000 watt

Speed: 8 km/h

Speedstep low: 240min
Speedstep typical: 120min
Speedstep power: 20min

200 wh internal travel battery


Output: 1000 watt

Speed: 8 km/h

Speedstep low: 60min
Speedstep typical: 45min
Speedstep power: 10min

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