Remote and Repeater Bundle

The SCUBAJET remote and repeater bundle is required for any SUP, canoe, kayak or boat package. The wireless remote control can be worn on the wrist like a watch, be mounted on a paddle or clipped onto a lanyard. The repeater must be mounted as near as possible to the waterline and not more than 15 cm (6 inch) from the SCUBAJET function ring. The SCUBAJET, remote and repeater are already paired when shipped.

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The remote control shows speed level (in %) and remaining battery capacity (in %). The repeater intensifies the signal from the SCUBAJET to the remote control. Please be aware that the repeater should not placed behind a fixture point for a leash, as pulling on a leash could lead to shear force ripping the repeater out of its clip or off the board. The repeater does not float and will sink if it falls into the water. In case you fall off, the SCUBAJET will stop, as the remote control has a safety function that stops it when the distance between remote and SCUBAJET becomes too far.

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