The SCUBAJET works with an innovative impeller technology, which is safe to use. Nevertheless, it may occur that dirt, sand, seaweed or other debris may harm or break the impeller. In this case, get your spare impeller here. It is easy to replace, and with just a few hand movements, you are ready to go again.

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Make sure, you stay safe and you enjoy your SCUBAJET impeller for a long time:

  • Rinse your SCUBAJET with fresh water after each use, especially after used in salt water.
  • Never stick body parts, clothing or other objects into the vicinity of the water intake (grille) of the SCUBAJET. Do not wear loose or flowing clothing or equipment that could be drawn into the water intake (grille) due to the caused suction. Tie back long hair to keep away from intake area !!
  • Always check that no stones, rope, dirt or sand gets into the jet and clean up those parts which are within easy reach regularly if necessary.

For more safety instructions read our manual or visit us on support.scubajet.com

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