200 wh travel battery

The SCUBAJET 200 wh battery is the perfect battery for those who travel around the world. The Li-Ion battery offers a longer battery runtime due to the SmartPower Technology and is ready to use within seconds. Our rechargeable travel battery meets all safety and security standards and the transportation of the 2×100 Wh battery (in a disconnected status) is allowed according to the latest IATA rules. The spare batteries can be easily transported in the hand luggage.

560,00 - 612,00

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Delivery Time: Summer 2019



Disclaimer: The tubes containing the different battery types diverge in size. Please note that you need an additional tube for your 200 wh battery, even if you already ordered a 400 wh battery.

Battery runtime - SUP / Canoe / Kayak / Boat

Low speed
1 H 30 Min.
Medium speed
45 Min.
High Speed
10 Min.

Battery runtime - Dive / Snorkel / Swim

Speed 1 (220 W)
50 Min.
Speed 2 (330 W)
30 Min.
Speed 3 (440 W)
24 Min.
Speed 4 (550 W)
19 Min.
Speed 5 (660 W)
15 Min.
Speed 6 (1000 W)
10 Min.

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg

200 wh travel battery


with Tube, no Tube

Battery per unit

100 (in watt hours)

Number of battery units


Battery modules status for transportation


Battery operation / storage temperature

-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)

Charging time