SUP Package

Motorize your SUP within seconds! Take your existing SUP and extend it with our highly efficient aqua scooter. Just replace the fin and extend your board with the SCUBAJET. Your SUP gets a velocity boost of up to 8 km/h (~5 mph). Depending on the speed level, the 200 wh battery lasts up to 90 min, the 400 wh battery lasts up to 180 min.

1.490,00 - 2.050,00

Includes 20% VAT plus shipping
Delivery Time: Summer 2019



Stand up paddling is THE most popular and trending water sport these days. Motorized paddle boards are the next big thing. Add motor power to existing boards to get an extra kick to the sports activities. SCUBAJET is the most powerful underwater scooter and assists while paddling in order to overcome longer distances. SCUBAJET is like using an electric bike for the water. On the one hand it’s a reliable companion when the weather conditions change or you run out of muscle power. One the other hand it helps you to relax or even catch up with a group without getting exhausted.
The SCUBAJET is suitable for beginners and well-advanced water sports enthusiasts. Motorize your SUP today.

Find out more about Stand up paddling with the SCUBAJET. Go to page

Battery runtime

Low speed
3 Hours
1 H 30 Min.
Medium speed
1 H 30 Min.
45 Min.
High speed
20 Min.
10 Min.

Additional information

Weight2.8 kg

SJ 200: 42 cm (16.5 inch) length, 8 cm (3,4 inch) diameter, 2.7 kg (5.9 lbs) weight
SJ 400: 58 cm (22.8 inch) length, 8cm (3,4 inch) diameter I 2.9 kg (6.1 lbs)

Battery type

200 wh battery, 400 wh battery


US Finbox Adapter I SlideIn Finbox Adapter


200 wh – 3 hours, 400 wh – 6 hours, 1000 charge cycles

Scope of delivery

SCUBAJET, charger, battery of choice, US Finbox Adpater or SlideIn Finbox Adapter, remote control bundle I clips


1kg negative


2 years

remote control bundle

Remote control and Repeater

LED Light

no light, 500 lumen, 1500 lumen


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