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Convenient cruising or action-packed ride – How to enhance your stand up paddling experience

For years watersports have been trending. Especially in the paddle sector, the numbers of participants are ever rising. Above all, stand up paddling has been the fastest growing and most trending paddle sport for 15 years.

Stand up paddling (or SUP) can be performed on a surfboard or on a specially modified stand up paddle board. The SUP boards are a bit broader, so you can get a better stand on them. By stand up paddling you have a whole lot of opportunities to combine with other sports like yoga or fishing. It’s the perfect water activity for families and you can even take your dog for a ride on your board. Stand up paddling is very cost-efficient and convenient, as you just need to grab your board and paddle and are ready to go.

As with every sport or hobby that is entering the stage of mainstream, manufacturers are developing their equipment and gear in order to make it even more convenient. The same thing happens to stand up paddling. Let’s have a look how you can make the most of your paddling experience.



Electric SUP Board

Electric SUP boards or E-SUP boards are enhanced with a built-in electric motor. They are comparable to e-bikes on the water. Riding an electric SUP you don’t have to put much effort into paddling. The motor supports you and gets you cruising at quite a high speed over water. Inflatable E-SUPs are available as well. The built in motor helps you to inflate the board. Therefore these are easy to travel with. Though you can’t take them with you on airplanes. Paddle boards with built-in power pods are usually a lot heavier than common boards. The weight may almost be doubled.

Electric conversion kit for SUP boards

If you already own a SUP board or want to have an electric hybrid, which combines all the advantages of an electric and hand-driven SUP board, you might want to go for an electric conversion kit. It can simply be connected to any standard finbox. These electric SUP motors work with other watersports too, like kayaking or even diving.

Most conversion kits consist of three components: motor, battery and remote control. While the motor is mounted instead of the finbox, the battery pack sits on top of the SUP and is secured with rubber bands.

SCUBAJET offers the most versatile version of these electric SUP conversion kits. The battery pack is integrated in the motor unit. It is easy to mount, like a plug and play solution. And with our innovative adapter system you are able to enhance almost every watersports experience and take it to the next level. What’s more, the SCUBAJET is the perfect travel companion, not least due to its small size and low weight. It is even allowed on airplanes, so you can take your inflatable SUP together with the electric engine with you on your next journey.