Hello underwater world!

Let us introduce ourselves!


Welcome to our new blog. We will keep you updated about our products and additional gear and share exciting news with you. But who are we anyways?


We are SCUBAJET. We are the producers of the most versatile and flexible underwater jet engine. SCUBAJET is the perfect jet engine for any water sports activity. You can simply apply it onto your SUP board, canoe or kayak, dinghi and enjoy the ride. It gets you to your destination faster and in an easier way.


You probably know one of these situations:


  1. Boattrips with canoes or dinghis can become very exhausting. Especially when you’re on the boat with the whole family, you have to work a bit harder to come further.
  2. You are on your SUP when suddenly the weather changes and you need to get back to shore quickly.
  3. Sometimes you want to enjoy diving after work and don’t have much time. Doing sports is fun! But sometimes you need a little helper, to avoid overextending yourself


This is our story


That’s why we came up with the idea to build a kind of underwater jet engine thats like an e-bike. After 2 years of development SCUBAJET is now ready to dive into the market.


Starting off with a kickstarter campaign, that got us 160 backers and huge financial support, we went into serial production in october 2016. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to improve our product and develop it even further. Currently SCUBAJET is available for pre-purchase in our new online shop. We will be able to start shipping by january 2017.


Is there anything more, you want to read about?


If you have any questions concerning SCUBAJET or how to use it, contact us or use the comment box below.


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