How do you switch on and off the SCUBAJET's engine unit?

The motor will be initialy activated with a magnetic switch. Just move the remote control across the Scubajet case. After the motor is activated you can use the remote control to start/stop and also change the speed. The motor will be deactivated with the remote control as well.

How long is the warranty for the SCUBAJET?

Unless a longer period is provided by national and supranational law the warranty for SCUBAJET (including wearing parts) shall be two years after purchase while the warranty for batteries is six months. Dealer/Customers must make any warranty claim within this time period and need to submit a copy of the bill which shows the date of purchase.

What happens when the motor gets out of the water, does it stop?

Yes, the motor stops automatically if it gets out of the water.

What is the current operational depth limit for diving with the SCUBAJET?

The SCUBAJET is constructed for a maximum pressure of 6 bar/87psi. We use a special shaft seal that can handle this amount of pressure. The theoretical depth limit based on the pressure is max. 40m/131ft. We give a warranty up to 45m/147ft.

How am I supposed to connect the battery packs?

The batteries are integrated and additional battery packs can be ordered now. You can change the battery immediately and need not wait until the battery is fully charged.
Also we are planning to provide external battery packs to use the SCUBAJET with full power (2 kw) and longer operation time which is actually interesting for dinghies. For SUPs the integrated battery is normally sufficient!

Is it possible to install two engines on one SUP?

There are a few possibilities. Some SUPs have two fin boxes and if so it’s easy. Just fix two SCUBAJETs. Furthermore SUP shops also provide fin boxes for expanding your existing board.

How long does it take for the battery to charge?

It takes 3 -7 hours to charge, but you have also the possibility to change the battery with a spare battery immediately.

Does the Kayacat adapter pivot up/down (and when up stay up)?

You can pivot up and down with the Kayacat adapter. On our Videos you see the Kayacat Adapter plugged instead of the rudder. But you have also the possibility to add the Kayacat Adapter next to the rudder separately. For both mounting points you can pivot the Scubajet.

Why is a SCUBAJET way better than a trolling motor

A SCUBAJET is more universal than a trolling motor. Furthermore the weight is less for the power you get and you can easily take it with you in your backpack. Therefore it is made for active people and sports enthusiasts as well as families.


Is it possible to use the SCUBAJET LED lamp outside of the water?

Yes the lamp can also be used outside of the water. You can switch the light on/ off with the remote control or directly on the Dive Adapter.

Are the batteries allowed on airplanes?

The 200 wh battery  meets all safety and security standards. We optimized it and split it in two 100 wh units, which can easily be taken on planes.

In which country is the SCUBAJET manufactured?

Parts are made by renowned manufacturers worldwide and will be assembled in Austria to guarantee our high quality standards.