Smallest diver propulsion vehicle on the market

SCUBAJET is the perfect dive scooter for individual and professional divers, dive tours, dive schools and all kind of diving group activities as well as for snorkeling and swimming adventures. While conventional dive scooters are often heavy and bulky, SCUBAJET is ready for traveling around the world. 


Unleash the flexible high performance underwater beast that generates 20kg (44 lbs) of thrust due to it’s 3-phase sinus power management system. SCUBAJET only weights 3 kg (6,6 lbs), while conventional diving scooters weight between 15 – 30 kg (40 – 60 lbs) and is the most versatile alternative to existing diver propulsion vehicles and acqua scooters.

Easy handling with function ring

The comfortable function ring allows controlling the SCUBAJET directly on the device during diving, snorkeling and swimming sessions. It provides easier speed adjustment under water and it can be easily switched between six different dive modes.

While conventional underwater scooters are often unwieldy, the SCUBAJET allows you to decide even during diving whether you want to use it or not. If the SCUBAJET is not needed at the moment, you can simply fix it to your buoyancy compensator. We guarantee easy handling, fun and excitement in the water.

A small upgrade will make it possible to use the SCUBAJET as a freehand scooter from now on. This feature offers you a way to easier take photos and videos under water. On the other hand, it makes you able to concentrate on the essential things: the beauty of nature and the underwater world.

SCUBAJET Dive Package for diving, swimming and snorkeling

Diving with SCUBAJET in a pool – the world's smallest diver propulsion vehicle
Diving with SCUBAJET in a pool – the world's smallest diver propulsion vehicle

The SCUBAJET is constructed for max. pressure of 6 bar/87psi and up to 40m / 131 ft. We use a special shaft seal that can handle this amount of pressure.

Higher battery capacity for longer diving fun

The SCUBAJET comes either with a 200 wh battery or can be upgraded to the 400 wh battery for longer diving fun. The Smart Power technology provides up to 3 hours of battery lifetime.

200 wh internal travel battery


Speed: 8 km/h – 5mph

Speed 1 / 220 W 50min.
Speed 2 / 330 W 30min.
Speed 3 / 440 W 24min.
Speed 4 / 550 W 19min.
Speed 5 / 660 W 15min.
Speed 6 / 660 W 10min.

400 wh internal battery


Speed: 8 km/h – 5 mph

Speed 1 / 220 W 100min.
Speed 2 / 330 W 60min.
Speed 3 / 440 W 48min.
Speed 4 / 550 W 38min.
Speed 5 / 660 W 30min.
Speed 6 / 660 W 20min.

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