4 days fully packed of great excitement during DEMA show in Orlando


SCUBAJET presented as new product showcase at DEMA 2017

We just returned after 4 days at the DEMA show in Orlando, Florida. To say the Scubajet was the “Hit of the show” might be an understatement. Over 20 different people that walked the entire exhibit floor told us that SCUBAJET was the most exciting and innovative product of the entire show. We were also presented as one of the “new products of the show”, which gave us even more attention.

We were constantly busy with so many people ranging from dive shop owners, to world famous dive photographers. Amos Nachoum was looking to add power to his underwater camera sled. We also met with various representatives from the Movie Industry, the physically challenged divers community, resort operators, and so many others that appreciated the small size and weight of the SCUBAJET

World record setting freediver Christian Redl stopped by several times at our booth and tried out the SCUBAJET in the pool together with Ameo Powerbreather. This combination improves every swimming and snorkeling adventure and is definitely a perfect match as you can see in the video. Christian got really excited about the SCUBAJET and remarked its tremendous potential for freediving.








One thing we always recognize: There are so many places and ways to use SCUBAJET. The Coral Reef preservation groups liked that it didn’t throw as much “prop wash” like other scooters. The shark preservation people see SCUBAJET as an easier way to swim alongside sharks. The ability to take a small personal dive scooter legally on the airplane was probably the biggest feature at the show. The SCUBAJET’s small size also made the boat operators very happy to reduce heavy objects and clutter on the deck.


When it was all done, the SCUBAJET seemed to be a huge hit at the show, people got really crazy about it and to sum it up: the DEMA show in Orlando was a great success for us. The ability to use it for other water activities like adding power to a paddleboard, dinghy, or kayak also made the value proposition even better. Thank you to all the attendees that stopped by. We’ll see you on/in/under the water1

female diver testing the SCUBAJET at deam

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