4 reasons to start with water sports

Today it’s all about enforcing beginners to try water sporting. Scuba diving, paddling, swimming and surfing can be relaxing as well as giving you an adrenaline rush. You will see places, things and animals, that you have never seen before. Doing water sports means fun and action for everyone!


scubajet water sports - Family kayaking in the ocean

Water is soothing


Imagine the ripply sound of a creek flowing nearby. Or the soothing feeling you get, when you are watching fish swimming through an aquarium.

Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? You can experience this relaxation in an even greater way: Try out scuba diving and watch fish not only inside a glass tank but in their natural environment! Exploring coral reefs and sunken ships feels like submerging into another world.


Go on new adventures


Whether you are a diver or paddler, every water sports activity offers new opportunities to discover nature and learn something new. You will get to visit beautiful places around the world, meet new people and get to know new customs and cultures.


Stay in shape


Water sports – like any sports actually and obviously – are good for working out and transforming your body.

Paddling is a great combination of cardio and strength workouts for example. SUP will also improve your balance and the performance of your core muscles. Swimming and diving strengthen your core and are a good cardio workout too, while the risk of injuries is far lower than with other cardio workouts like running.


Engage the whole family


Water sports are perfect family activities, affordable and easy to learn.

You can practice kayaking and SUP on your own and without an instructor. In order to get familiar with scuba diving, it is recommended to get a diving license from an instructor in order to prevent injuries and accidents. Nevertheless scuba diving is great fun for adults and children alike.


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